Digital  Transformation

We focus on optimizing your business processes. Thanks to simple applications, automation and robots, we create a holistic environment of tools that will take your company to the next level.

We build digital solutions for your company based on the capabilities of the Office365 and PowerPlatform.

Don’t worry – we make every effort to use the products and licenses you currently own, and we don’t create custom code that is more powerful but also more expensive and time consuming, unless it’s necessary.

We implement projects from beginning to end. From business analysis, through concepts and development, to implementation and implementation training.

Sample business processes 

  • Document Workflow – We have designed a family of document management applications. During the implementation, we built a map of processes related to the circulation of documents. Each document is described with metadata. Friendly web interface allows easy access to files.
  • Time Tracking – Time tracking for ~ 100 field workers of a renovation company. Our solution replaced a product from the external market and started to bring savings after 3 months of use. Components: mobile application, administration dashboard, BI reports.
  • Financial portfolio management – A correctly implemented Portfolio application allows for greater security of access to data, effective cost management and improved information flow. Our clients use financial portfolio management to increase their competitiveness and reduce costs through awareness of the company’s financial flows.



We have many years of experience in sharing our knowledge with others. There are MVPs and MCTs among us (respectively Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and Microsoft Certified Trainer).

We do enjoy speaking to people. We know how to prepare and organize both online and offline trainings (no matter if it’s for 100 or 4000 people). We do know how to share knowledge in a understandable and contextualized way.

Our workshops focus on inspiring, sharing our passion, giving value and learning through showing facts, number and making exercises.

Sample workshops

  • Boost your team productivity using the right tools – Online webinar for 1000 people. Faster, better, stronger… The present times require more and more changes from us and our Organizations. Adapt or die. How to do it? How to work smarter, not necessarily more? How to be a step ahead of the competition, or at least keep up with it? Office365 tools and Low-Code platforms are increasingly responding to this type of challenge. Will they be a cure for you? We showed practical scenarios of using Office 365 and Power Platform.
  • Do’s and Don’ts in Power Apps projects – online session for group of 40 people. In this webinar, we showed you specific examples of Power Apps. Business scenarios, architectures, pros, cons and specific outcomes they brought. 100% facts themselves.
  • Create your first Power BI report – offline workshops for group of 10 people. We went through the entire process from connecting to data, through model building, to visualization preparation and data mining. We told attendees how to prepare for this task, how to avoid common problems and how to reach the destination by the fastest possible path.
  • Disclaimer – all above activities have been made and recorder via our another project: Akademia Aplikacji


           BI SOLUTIONS

Having data is one thing, but being able to turn it into business value is another.

Our team has rich experience in BI solutions which makes companies data driven. With comprehensive analysis, advanced visualization techniques and machine learning we will convert your data into actionable insights that will transform and empower your organization.

We offer:

  • BI business analysis
  • Data discovery and exploration
  • Building reporting solutions
  • Analytical processes automation
  • Data consulting
  • Technical trainings

Sample report

Below you will find our award-winning report for BI Elite Google Analytics contest. The report is fully interactive and feel free to click on it to explore all the features.





The Impel Group is a leader in providing comprehensive outsourcing services. It consists of nearly 30 companies whose goal is to provide professional service in 3 main areas: Facility Management, Industrial Services and data processing services and company processes. Our job was to run 10+ webinars for 500+ company employees that will show how to use Office365 productively and save people time and work effort in day-to-day tasks.

MTSAB is a company that deals with renovation and earth works of all types. For years, it has struggled with the issues of reporting working time and the lack of collecting relevant data for analytical purposes. We performed a needs analysis for the client and replaced the currently used solution. For this purpose, 2 Power Apps applications for work time management with a web and mobile interface and a Power BI report were created. The entire project paid off in the fourth month (!) after starting implementations work.

A brand owned by Hochland Polska Sp. z o.o., specializing in the production of cheese. We conduct remote consultations for the client in the field of operation and building solutions based on Power Platform (Power Apps and Power Automate).

Large Polish charity institution. Caritas coordinates the work of dozens of church facilities in Poland and thousands of volunteers. As part of one of the programs of this NGO, we trained the management staff and substantive experts with Office 365 and Power Platform, and we provided consultations, leading to the creation and implementation of a solution for fully automated recruitment of volunteers.

The British Council is the institution representing the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the field of cultural and educational cooperation. We have carried out 2 implementations for the client: a system for multi-stage preparation of an offer and a system for processing accreditation applications. Both solutions used the capabilities of Power Platform and Office 365.

The Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union (PSFCU) is a federal credit union with over 96,000 members and over 120,000 people. Our role is to help make the digital transformation – from the migration of the organization to the cloud (technologies, solutions, information architecture, data and processes), and ending with building new solutions in a new architecture based on Office 365 and Power Platform.

A Wrocław-based company JPB specializing in the construction and renovation of buildings for industry, institutions, companies and private investors. The result of cooperation was a CRM system based on Power Platform and Office 365 for task management, which allows assigning them to, among others. to employees, contractors and construction sites. The system allows you to generate offer cost estimates, track work progress and sentence payments.

Bunge is a world leader in the processing of oilseeds and the world’s largest producer of vegetable oils. We analyzed the existing processes in the company in order to digitize, automate and improve the company’s operations. We have automated the process of reporting and the course of incidents along with the processes of their prevention using tools in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem (Power Platform, SharePoint Online). Currently, the project is at the stage of implementing the solution and final tests in the client’s environment.

Selvita S.A. is one of the largest European companies providing research and development services (Contract Research Organization). For the client, we conducted workshops in the Microsoft 365 and Power Platform environment (with particular emphasis on SharePoint Online and Power Apps), and then we built and implemented a solution for information control and management in the organization.


   Case Study

Client Information


Country: Sweden

Industry: Construction

Company size : 100-250

Project duration: 3 months

www website:

Client Story

MTSAB is a company that deals with all types of ground-related work and renovations. They help with house foundations, garden reconstructions, putting up walls, laying tiles, etc. The Company has ten years of experience, and over time, more opportunities for larger jobs had opened up. To keep the pace, MTSAB had to acquire more equipment, larger machines, and hire more people from which the majority were blue collars. The latter requires the Company to deal with new challenges and solve them in a cost-efficient way.

On the project start, MTSAB employed 100+ people. The Company needs a tool for workers’ time tracking. They reviewed multiple different tools for time tracking and decided to try one of them for a few months. Unfortunately, the selected solution did not meet their expectations, so company stakeholders chose to find a new application that will solve their challenges.


  1. Work time tracking – Historically, reporting of working time required that each employee directly contacted a dedicated employee (all with the same) who entered into the daily system information such as name and surname of the employee, performed work, and reported time. First, Excel was used to collect data. After some time, Excel has been replaced with a 3rd party solution. Although new software had reporting capabilities based on data relationships, it didn’t have a mobile application, so the process itself was not only ineffective (weak scaling up), but also the software used did not reflect the information architecture of MTSAB and its internal structure. It is worth adding that the license cost of this solution was SEK 50,000 every month.
  2. Inability to predict all tasks related to renovation work – In renovation works, there are often unexpected extra tasks. Sometimes it results directly from the ordering party, who suddenly finds the need to make an additional modification, and sometimes only after the work is done, other things that require attention come out. In such situations, MTSAB employees are allowed to take over those tasks. Still, they have to obligatory take photos that show the subject of additional work (and the effect before and after) and provides a description. So far, pictures with descriptions have been sent by e-mail, and a dedicated person has cataloged the received data together with the project (renovation work) data. Such work was carried out once a week and required a lot of time from the finance department employee.
  3. Blue-collar employees management – A team of people that works at the construction or renovation site. Each of them has different qualifications (electrics, plumbing, tiling, etc.). Occasionally, an employee is unable to show up on the work site for various reasons. Then the dedicated employee of MTSAB has to find a replacement for him in cooperation with other Team Leaders. Searched replacement requires taking into account multiple factors, ie. Required skills, employee availability, and rate. So far, this information has been implemented in Excel (separate from the 3rd party solution used to time reporting). As the number of employees increased, the number of replacement cases increased as well. That has an impact on management efficiency.

Project Assumption and Requirements

To deliver the project successfully, Developico had to take into consideration the following factors: costs and complexity of the new solution

Low cost of the new solution

  1. The monthly cost of maintaining new solution must not exceed the current price of maintenance (SEK 50,000)
  2. Office employees (10-20 people) have Office365 licenses
  3. In-field employees (80-90 people) do not have any Microsoft licenses

Complexity of the new solution

  1. Solution for in-field workers should have a mobile application. Such an application should have an intuitive and straightforward interface allowing to reduce the time of training on how to use the app for new users: time reporting should allow for sending not only the number of hours of work but also a description, photos, and geolocation of the employee; the application should be available in Polish.
  2. The solution for office employees should have a web interface: the solution should allow for managing clients, projects, employees, and assigning employees to the project;  the solution should enable to track the progress of work from a budget perspective and track an employee workload over time.
  3. The solution should be possible to implement within three months of the commencement of works (MTSAB had been looking for a new solution for several months, and the budget for finding a new solution was slowly melting).
  4. The solution should be able to extend and integrate with other 3rd party platforms that may appear in the future.

    Solution Architecture

    The diagram above shows how the Power Platform components had been used:

    1. Common Data Service – the database for all tabular data in the solution. The reasons behind the decision were storage size (up to 10GB), the excellent performance of the database, possibility to enable auditing and backup capabilities and ability to export data to excel.
    2. Power Apps – a platform to build the user interface and use form from any device. There will be two applications in the solution: (a) Time reporting application – from its level workers will be able to report time (regular hours and extra hours with additional comment and photo); (b) Data administration application – application for managing clients, contacts, projects, and employees.
    3. PowerBI – reporting tool with various kinds of charts and data visualizations. It has excellent options for manipulating data charts, the possibility to drill down the data, and it can be embedded into PowerApps if needed. Such a report should at least (a) Show the number of hours reported by the employee in each month (by project); (b) Show total number of hours worked in the project by role and person; (c) Show geographic map of projects

    Sample solution screens

    Results & Business Impact

    The whole project has been delivered in 4 weeks from the start (on-premise analysis workshop).

    The solution covers all business needs and requirements. It also brings modern UX that is very easy to learn for a new employee. It has a significant impact on the decreased time effort required for the project and human resources management.

    Common Data Service stores all data (including photos) in a structured and secure way.

    The recommended approach required to buy up to 100 PowerApps Per-App license for every user that will use any of the two PowerApps apps. Single license cost was around ~88 SEK/user/month at that time. Moreover, users that want to use PowerBI reports need an additional license for PowerBI Pro (also ~88 SEK/user/month). But even then, the ROI was in 3rd month of usage of the solution (Developico cost and licenses that client requires every month) in comparison to the previously used solution of 3rd party vendor. If all benefits are taken into account (including those hardly measured like exact time saved), then the total ROI could be even faster.

    After a month of usage, the client returned for more features, i.e., localization (for Swedish) and historical view of submitted hours in Time Reporting Application (both visible in-app screenshots below).

    Client opinion

    “Our aim was to be able to identify factors that unnoticeably or uncontrollably caused financial losses in our organization. We used to rely on excel spreadsheets which was later replaced by dedicated tool. However the tool had unmpleasent data structure and along with lack of mobile application it moved us toward next change. Developico helped us consolidate our users channel by creating 2 Power Apps apps with ergonomic UX connected with structured data using Common Data Service. Then the data fed our data model and ultimately allowed us to gain clear business insights through Power BI. I’m very happy with the result of our collaboration with Developico. Developico looked at our business from different perspectives and proposed solution hollistacly used Microsoft offer with license costs effective. We do recommend their services.” 

    – Daniel Murzyński, Operational Chief / COO


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